Harrisonburg Collaborative Family Law Attorney

Collaborative law, or collaborative divorce, is a constantly evolving method that more and more individuals involved in divorces or other family law disputes are turning to resolve their differences. To learn more about this new and exciting method of resolving family law disputes, we invite you to schedule a consultation with Laura A. Evans.

She has guided numerous clients through a wide range of family law matters. Whether you are seeking a traditional divorce, drafting a separation agreement or wish to learn more about the process of collaborative divorce, we can help. Collaborative divorce — which has also been called "no-court divorce," "divorce with dignity," "peaceful divorce," etc. — is designed to allow couples to resolve disputes without the lengthy, expensive legal process of courtroom divorce.

Rockingham County Collaborative Divorce Lawyer

The heart of collaborative divorce is to offer people the support and guidance they need through their divorce. There are several benefits to the collaborative divorce method, including:

  • The ability to negotiate a mutually acceptable settlement without relying on a court's decision
  • The ability to maintain open communication throughout
  • The ability to work together, through full disclosure, to reach a beneficial settlement
  • Collaboration focuses on creative problem solving rather than revenge
  • The collaborative process is generally less stressful and less expensive than a courtroom proceeding

Collaborative law, much like mediation, is a process for alternative dispute resolution (ADR) that focuses more on problem solving rather than confrontation. It is a low-stress, directed method of resolution that allows the two parties to determine the compromise that best fits their unique situation without relying on a judge's order. If you would like to learn more about collaborative law, contact our firm today.

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