Expungements Of Criminal Record

Attorneys Working To Keep Arrest Information Private

A criminal arrest and conviction can badly damage your reputation and often prevent you from returning to a normal life. In Virginia, arrest information can be available for everyone to locate, including prospective employers and landlords. This in turn limits your possibilities for future employment, impedes your ability to attend college and even may prevent you from obtaining a professional license.

Fortunately, the criminal record expungement process can prevent employers and members of the public from reviewing this information. At Evans Oliver, PLC we understand the steps to take to expunge these records. We also know what actions to take, should arrest information continue to appear.

The Benefits Of Expungement

As a criminal conviction can become a permanent part of your record, it is obviously in your best interest to have such information shielded from the public. Even acquittal in a criminal case does not necessarily mean the information will be inaccessible to the public. This information may continue to appear on your criminal record. 

Based upon such information, employers may deny you a job. Future employers commonly run background checks on new employees. Landlords may deny you housing, and insurance companies may deny you coverage or raise your rates. In the event you are an immigrant, having an arrest upon your record could lead to severe problems with immigration authorities.

In Virginia, charges will remain on your record indefinitely unless you go through the expungement process. Expungement removes arrest information from your criminal record and keeps court files connected with your arrest out of the public eye.

There is a very precise process put in place concerning the expungement of records, and it is often dependent upon the crime in question. There may be instances when expungement of the record cannot take place. The efforts of our attorneys in expunging of such records can minimize or even eliminate consequences that have come along with such an arrest. As experienced criminal defense attorneys, we can also give you a frank assessment concerning the chances of expungement taking place.

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