Harrisonburg Rape Defense Attorney

A rape accusation can often boil down to one person's word against another. In these tenuous legal battles, you need a strong, experienced attorney on your side who can effectively defend you against serious charges with devastating consequences.

At Evans Oliver, PLC our Harrisonburg rape defense lawyers have extensive experience defending clients against a wide range of charges. From sexual misconduct to rape allegations, our clients rely on us for exceptional defense, attention to detail and thorough preparation. We understand that rape, much like other sex crimes, can draw a great deal of media attention, and have a significant stigma attached to them. It is our goal to protect our clients at every turn and limit their exposure to both legal and societal consequences.

Rockingham County Sexual Assault Charges Lawyer

In a rape case, the forensic evidence is very much open to interpretation. A sexual assault nurse examination (SANE) is often not as cut and dry as other criminal cases. In these situations, you need a Virginia defense attorney who understands how to read the various medical and law enforcement reports. Additionally, we have worked with a number of experts in the past that can be called upon to provide valuable insight.

Many rape accusations come to light following a party or date. It is not uncommon for young people to fall into a dangerous legal situation based on numerous misunderstandings or other factors.  Often times meeting with an attorney before you are charged with a sexual assault crime can work to your benefit, and may even result in charges not being brought.  If you are a student at James Madison University (JMU) and are being accused of sexual assault, do not hesitate to contact a skilled defense attorney as soon as possible.

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