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If your marriage has come to an end, this is probably a difficult time for you. At Evans Oliver, PLC we strive to make the divorce process as smooth and painless as possible for you. If you have children, we know that they are likely your top concern during this trying time. If you have significant assets, you need an experienced lawyer to ensure that your rights are protected and enforced during property division.

Grounds For Divorce In Virginia

Unlike other states that require the filing of a legal document for a separation to begin, in Virginia, when spouses begin their physical separation, they are legally separated. This is the first step toward divorce. While there are several grounds for divorce, the most common scenario involves separation (living apart) for one year or more — this is a no-fault divorce.

Two people may be granted a no-fault divorce on the basis of a six (6) month separation, if they meet the following criteria:

  • They do not have children under the age of 18; and

  • They have a property settlement agreement.

  • If the parties have children under the age of eighteen, they must be separated for one (1) year before the Court can grant them a no-fault divorce.

Fault-based grounds for divorce include:

  • Adultery, sodomy or buggery committed outside of the marriage;

  • Conviction of a felony during the marriage; and

  • Cruelty or desertion.

Rockingham County Attorney: Spousal Support, Custody And Other Divorce Orders

No two divorces are exactly the same. It is important to hire an experienced family law attorney who is familiar with the many rulings, orders and judgments that can accompany a divorce. At Evans Oliver, PLC we handle all legal matters arising from your divorce, including equitable distribution of marital property, child custody/visitation, child support and spousal support/alimony.

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