Virginia Firearm Rights Restoration Attorney

Gun Rights Restoration

There are several reasons why you may have lost your right to keep and bear firearms in Virginia. Most commonly, people who are convicted of felonies or certain misdemeanors in Virginia lose their gun rights. While you might think the loss of these rights is permanent, in some situations, our attorneys may be able to help you petition the governor and the local circuit court to have your gun rights restored.

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Even if you were convicted of a crime, depending on the charge, you may be eligible for the restoration of your firearm rights after a period of time, usually two to five years after your probation ends. At Evans Oliver, PLC our Harrisonburg firearm rights restoration lawyers know how important your basic civil rights are, and we will help you fight to get them back.

Gun Trusts: Rockingham County Attorney

If you own valuable firearms, a gun trust can be extremely useful when planning for the future. A trust is a legal instrument that holds money or property. You can place your firearms into a trust and indicate what should happen to them upon your death or when your child reaches a certain age, for example.

Class 3 Weapons And Gun Trusts

A gun trust is also unique in that if you have one and you want to purchase a Class 3 firearm or device, you will not be subject to fingerprints, a mug shot, or local police approval. If you have a proper firearms trust, you can apply for the Class 3 items directly through the trust.

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