Harrisonburg High Asset Divorce Attorney

Depending on the duration of the marriage, the financial resources of each party and their combined business sense, couples can amass significant assets and debts. If divorce becomes a reality, dividing these assets and debts can quickly become a complex matter. Schedule a confidential consultation with a knowledgeable Virginia attorney as soon as possible to discuss your matter in greater detail.

At Evans Oliver, PLC our Harrisonburg high asset divorce lawyers have handled a wide range of family law matters for clients throughout Virginia. In high net worth or high asset divorces, clients rely on our skill in building an accurate picture of the couple's finances. Whether we consult with realtors, business valuators or CPAs, it is our goal to uncover any hidden assets and gain a clear understanding of each party's financial position.

Rockingham County Retirement Division Lawyer

Proceeding through asset distribution in a high asset divorce can quickly become a complex matter. Your attorney must uncover and financially evaluate numerous assets, including:

  • Vacation homes

  • Rental properties

  • Businesses

  • Retirement accounts

  • Safety deposit boxes

  • Jewelry and artwork collections

Clients trust our attention to detail and our tenacious investigation to guide them through a divorce. If you are considering a divorce or have been served divorce papers from your spouse, it is wise to seek the counsel of an experienced divorce attorney as soon as possible.

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